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I teach group and private moving meditation classes for women who want to increase their strength, balance, and flexibility, reduce stress and find more joy in their lives and bodies. 


I guide women navigating a live transition to re-awaken their passion, purpose and their power to create the juicy life.

Live Your Purpose
If you long to express your truest self, know your purpose, and enjoy your relationships; yet also feel blocked and unhappy with the status quo, or overwhelmed and confused navigating a life transition, I offer guidance that helps and holds you accountable as you create a meaningful plan, and achievable goals. So you can transform your relationships,
achieve your goals and live a more connected, joyful and authentic life.

Book your FREE Personalized 30 Minute Juicy Life Breakthrough Session With Madeleine (a $97) value. Coaching Program $420. Monthly or a full advance payment of $2200.

Sessions Available on Phone, Zoom or in person for those in the Ashland area. Contact:Madeleine Sklar


Events For Individuals and Groups:

EXPAND YOUR INTUITION AS YOU CREATE YOUR OWN TAROT DECK: I guide you through the empowering process of making your unique deck. I help you trust your innate creativity and expand your intuition. So your new perspective can heal your relationships and enable you to make more successful choices and live a more joyful Life.

HEALING THE MOTHER DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP: whether or not your mother physically in your life, you can heal your relationship with your inner mother. I offer guidance that can transform your relationship. When you give yourself the unconditional love and “Mothering” you missed you gain the courage to believe in your dreams, align your life in tune with your vision, and heal your creative self.

LIVE YOUR CREATIVE LIFE: I offer easy personalized exercises to help you free your playful, inner-artist and access your inner wisdom. As you increase your creativity, you bring more love into your life. Your parenting, relationships, health and vitality all improve and life becomes more fulfilling and joyful.