by Madeleine Sklar

We are living at a time of great change when many are struggling. Such insecure times lead those who seek a sense of belonging to ask, “Where do I fit in?” This book offers a way to connect with our collective roots.

The wisdom reflected in the Deep Feminine Spirituality hidden beneath the roots of the Hebrew letters is revealed in symbols born in the primary cultures where the alphabet developed, by people who understood their own value and also their oneness with the web of life. The Tarot provides a vessel through which this ancient wisdom can flow in a way that is accessible and relevant for people’s lives.

People want a way to access immediate guidance. When they are experiencing difficulty in their relationships, or when confronting personal challenge this book can be turned to like a wise friend or grandmother. Whether reading one card or a full layout, it acts as a credible resource for those who seek insight or advice, helping them find their own best answers.

In this book, the Hebrew letters, Kabbalistic Tree of Life and archetypes underlying the Tarot serve to help us find and value our own deep knowing. Our connection to our communal roots and appreciation for the whole, carries an awareness that our very survival depends on our ability to integrate valuing ourselves, each other, and our beautiful, living planet, Earth. In this manuscript the author has referenced and arranged the traditional Tarot Major Arcana archetypes with Hebrew letters that share related essential elemental meanings. The discoveries these new alignments open to an intuitive mind are a journey of great beauty.

This book is written in a popular conversational style. It is easily accessible to those who have no previous knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet, Kabbalah, or Tarot as well as those who want to connect to either or all on a deeper level.

Madeleine Sklar MS Interdisciplinary Studies: Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, with a focus on woman’s issues.

I am a published poet, artist, teacher and storyteller with a lifetime of experience at continually working on increasing my own self-awareness that helps me keep growing and changing into a wiser, freer and more whole person.

I have been in love for over 46 years. My love and I have co-created a mostly happy family life, which includes our extended family and friends.

An expert at enjoying life, I am also an expert at being imperfect and accepting imperfections in myself, and others. Over the course of my 75 years, I have learned (and continue to discover) ways that can help bring more fun, more love, and more laughter into relationships.


Phone or Skype readings available or in person if you’re in the Ashland area. Call or Email to set up a time.

I offer Counseling and Therapeutic Tarot Readings Based on my book, OUR ANCIENT MOTHER’S ALEPH-BET: A NEW KABBALISTIC APPROACH TO THE HEBREW ALEPH-BET AND THE TAROT: Many have benefitted from these sessions including persons unfamiliar with Hebrew.

I use my unique Tarot as a channel for intuitive wisdom. Sometimes we need a new perspective to help us live a more creative and fulfilling life. The tarot offers a mirror to help us see our selves, our relationships and life’s direction. The more self-aware we are, the more choices we have to either change or continue on present trajectory. I use my unique Tarot as a channel for intuitive wisdom.

All Counseling/Mentoring:

$95. 1 hour (Paid in advance)


Workshops I Have Developed For Individuals and Groups:

  • Working with The Aleph-Bet Tarot and Creating a Personal Deck: Whatever your artistic ability, making your own personal deck can be an easy and fulfilling experience. It will empower you and awaken your creative abilities in new and extraordinary ways.
  • Healing The Mother Daughter Relationship: even if your mother is no longer physically in your life, healing can take place. When you reinvent your relationship with your own mother, your inner mother is then free to transform and nurture your life.
  • Embracing Your Beautiful Body: Learning to love, appreciate and know the beauty of your unique body.
  • The mythic quality in your experience: I’ve found that discovering the archetypes reflected in your life can help you gain a new perspective, and greater sense of meaning.
  • Understand and integrate the lessons embedded in your dreams. As our ancient sages say, “A dream unexamined is like a letter unopened.”
  • Learning to live a more creative life: Developing and increasing your creativity can improve your love life, parenting, relationships health and vitality. It can even help you become more connected to the Divine permeating your life.
  • Trust yourself: Learn to trust your own intuition and innate healing abilities as you learn to read Stones and develop tools that can give us a new perspective on our lives and relationships.


My reading with Madeleine has turned out to be more accurate than I could imagine. It was a valuable counseling session and continues giving me guidance, clarity and comfort. Madeleine brings a lifetime of wisdom, study and love to her Tarot counseling sessions.

—Marie Bowman LMT CST

Madeleine’s readings are unique. Sitting with her was like receiving counseling session. Each card interpretation guided me through various issues I had been contemplating and provided a doorway to clarity. Madeleine has a deep understanding of and connection to the ancient wisdom behind the Kabbalistic tarot that inspires her.

—Leigh Rhudy R.N.

I have known Madeleine Sklar for thirty-eight years. I was always impressed with Madeleine’s skill as a mother. She has a deeply loving relationship with her husband, her children, and her grandchild. She has an intense understanding of human beings that informs her work as a counselor and mentor. I couldn’t hope for a more intelligent, creative, and loving colleague and friend.

—Ruth Wire RN