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Thank you

Madeleine Sklar, MS. Journey of Self Discovery
Phone: 541 646-6222

Thank You For Joining Me

All you’ll need is a bag lunch.
I’ll be supplying tea, lemon water, snacks,
and all the supplies to create your own Major Arcana deck.

Important: If you have a peanut allergy, there are peanuts and possibly peanut dust in the room because every day I feed the birds and squirrels outside my door. Also, please keep in mind that the deck entrance is two steps above ground level and located around the back of our home with no handicap access. If you have any questions, call:541-646-6222. pay with debit or credit card

Madeleine Sklar, Ms. Life Re-Creation Guide created the Life Re-Creation Program for body, mind, emotion and spirit integration to help midlife women who’ve devoted yourself to others and are now afraid of growing old and losing your lovability, and purpose, redefine the aging process as an exciting place of new possibilities where you can experience more joy, love, connection and soul in your life and relationships. Thank you.

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