5 September 2018 or 25 Elul 5778  


The Heh, appears in the Netzach position on the Tree of Life. Heh is symbolic of a Wind-Door, where we are breathed into life by the Divine breath, and know ourselves to be, literally, inspired.

Heh in the position of the seventh Sefirot, representing Eternity, asks us to step back, breathe–really breathe, and take time to reflect on the work we’ve done before the new cycle begins. For Heh allows us to receive from Source our first breath and return to Source, our last. As the year closes and the New Year approaches, Heh is to breathe, to be, to form, to become anything, to be changed and be capable of changing oneself.

The number five, Heh, reflects our five senses, which awaken with the breath of the Eternal. We are invited to spread our wings and fly. We can know that each breath is a gift and to trust the blessing of existence.

We need breath to begin to sound a word, and so in every word we speak there is breath. So Heh is the sound of being fully alive, grounded, present. Heh is where we come close to the Divine Energy, opening the wind-door that breathes us and invites our participation. Heh is God asking us, as God asked Adam, ”Where are You?” And as the New Year approaches, we once more are offered, the choice.

Will we, this time in the Sefirot of Eturnity, take a breath and have the courage to answer “Here I am,”  and fully be?