6 September 2018 or 26 Elul 5778

Tet, a serpent, symbolizes the Great Mother appears in the Hod position (representing reverberation) on the Tree of Life. While Heh in the Netzach position of Eturnity, on the Holy Tree  gave us self-awareness with our individuating breath, Tet, with our awareness of being a self, offered us knowledge of our freedom to make choices.  And now, it is Tet who also holds us responsible for the choices we made. In Hod the Sefirot of Reverbaration Tet holds us responsible for the created by the choices we have made.

Deep in our center we know whether our choices have been right or wrong, healthy or destructive. Have we been too concerned with self-protection? Have we behaved in selfish and irresponsible, egocentric ways?Tet is the ugly and beautiful truth we must face to become whole, and wholly responsible. We are now given the power and the intelligence to fly with the highest Self. When the Holy One asked: “Where are you?” Did we come forth with the truth?

The serpent that tempted us with the knowledge of good and evil now asks us to grow up.It is time to awaken. Realize that it is only the hiding, the lack of trust, in our relationships, and the secrets we keep from ourselves, and those we profess to love, that separate us from the Garden and our own Holiness.