8 September 2018 or 28 Elul 5778


With the Hod of Wheels in the tenth and final Sefirot position, Malkhut (World of manifestation) we enter the root of the Holy Tree.  Now in the world of manifestation we are excited about exploring new interests. The New Year begins a time of action. Learning  from our failures and mistakes as well as our successes, we gain the skills we need as we develop a clear sense of our goals. We expand our knowledge, responsibilities and contacts. We are also now called upon to slow down and perfect our ability to balance periods of output with periods of input, to recognize the importance of balancing the need for work with time for relaxation and reflection.

In this New Year we need to be willing to put forth the hard work and perseverance required as we focus on building our skills, our networking and our individual and community relationships. We recognize and are grateful for the support we receive and for all that has brought us to this moment. To be generous with our time, energy and resources is important. We recognise the need to develop greater trust and better communication skills.

We recognize the importance of listening to other people’s needs, interests, and ambitions as well as our own. Our health and prosperity is dependent on the health and prosperity of “All our relations,”as the Indigenous Americans, say. For in truth, the Earth is alive, and we all are interconnected parts of a grater whole.

For A Good New Year!