7 September 2018 Or 27 Elul 5778


The Netzach of Wheels in the Yesod (Foundation) position on the Tree of Life, represents the way to build the Foundation we need so as to join ourselves to the Whole. Netzach of Wheels in this position call on us to turn our attention inward.

To build a good foundation for our coming year we now realize we must focus our energy on living a meaningful life. We realize it is not the other, but our self that we need to control.

We are called upon to set aside false pride, let our vulnerability show and ask directly for what we need. We must learn to give others the benefit of being able to share their gifts.  As our ego releases our need to control others, we can appreciate others’ abilities and skills. We realize that each has a unique perspective and contribution that may enrich the whole.

Relinquishing our need to be controlling, sharing control and allowing others to support us empowers the other, and means we can trust in others’ abilities as well as our own. We remove ourselves from concerns about material fulfillment and are no longer driven by other-directed ideas of success. We realize a strong and lasting Foundation is created from increasing the goodness within.